The Mighty Thor: Disassembled (Part 1)

I don’t even remember when this came out, but I remember liking it at the time. Who knows what it’ll feel like in 2017. One weird thing about this tpb is that the title on the front does not match the spine title. The Mighty Thor Disassembled is the front cover title, but the spine title is “Avengers Disassembled: Thor.” That’s the only thing that reminds me this book was a part of a big Avengers event back whenever this happened. I honestly don’t believe I read another issue of the event from any of the adjacent titles.

Time to go to wiki. (leaves and immediately comes back). Holy crap this is the start of all the terrible Scarlet Witch stuff. omg. I’m actually glad I missed out on all of this. Sure it’s responsible (not really. This is something that will come up later; that a good book that happens years after a bad decision doesn’t make the bad decision okay because it implies the good book couldn’t exist otherwise) for young avengers (which was my favorite marvel book for like, five months at least before they did dumb shit to the black character like all these fucking marvel books are inclined to do).

I hate the cover of this book. (sharp change of pace I know). It’s that art that looks almost like bad CG. That’s not my favorite look. The internal art is significantly improved. It’s the cover. I don’t know what the specific name for this kind of cover is but it’s bad. It’s like floppy and glossy? I hate it. Anyway. That’s the introduction. I always hope I like these books. I’m pretty sure Beta Ray Bill makes an appearance.



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