Thor’s Ragnarok: Part The First

That’s actually how they title each chapter. “Part the first, second, etc.” It’s hilariously bad. The thing about the writing and the font (which at times is unreadable, especially on glossy paper) is that it’s supposed to lend this epic quality, but it all feels so silly. It never feels like an epic poem, or a grand fantasy tale. It feels like a super hero book. It starts you out without telling you Odin is gone, but we figure it out because Thor is King. The prolog starts out on the creation of Mjolnir and it’s gifting to Thor, which is all the motivation needed by Loki to want to destroy everything.

I assume that all the disassembled titles are dark and gloomy. That seems to be the point. But this is particularly garish. The first part (which starts before the prologue officially ends?) sees the death of everyone in Asgard at the hands of Loki. There’s no build up to this. Just the idea that Loki found Mjolnir’s mold and made a new one and showed up with some evil people and killed everyone rather quickly, and broke Mjolnir. Wild. The only people we see die on screen are women? But everyone else is dead too. It happens very quickly. And not in the way of what seems like a well planned attack. It’s like one page “Hi I’m evil” next page *laser beams* next page “everyone is dead and I, mojojojo shall reign supreme!”

Dude’s muscles are out of control. I know super her comic artists are sort of forced into this position where everyone has to be drawn to look a certain way, but it’s absurd that Loki is just about as big as Thor. Everyone basically looks the same. It’s a bit of a mess. I’m hoping part the second gets more cohesive. I doubt it, though, because Captain America and Iron Man are involved. On Asgard.


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