Ragnarok Part the Second

The dialogue is laughably bad. When Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America arrive back at Odin’s palace they find a bunch of dead bodies. They’re all pretty grody, but one is wearing a pink dress and I think has a baby beside it, and this let’s us no the people who did the killing are indeed bad. If the last issue felt too super hero-y this one definitely does. Apparently none of the gods of Asgard could stand against Loki and his three henchmen, but Iron Man and Captain America are putting up a strong fight. It’s fine, but it just makes every bit of Asgard seem wasted and useless. Like, how were Fenris, Ulik, and some Giant bound before?


There’s two and a half pages here of just action. And man, do I wish I haven’t been spoiled since I last read this book by much better comic action sequences. It’s very clean, but not very easy to follow from a storytelling perspective. Too many glowing explosions. There’s just a bunch of art that doesn’t make sense here. The scene where, I assume, the trio tries to break the giant’s hammer is just. . .I don’t know.


And the ending of this chapter is bad bad bad. Apparently there are some Asgardians yet, but . . ..they were just camping out singing. Having a funeral? For just one person. Not for the countless dead, but just one dude. He makes them the saddest. And the dialogue here. Man. The bad ye olde speech is terrible enough, but the attempt at emotion over death, the attempt at a fiery speech here on the face of the apocalypse. It all falls terribly flat and there’s no clue as to what is coming next from a narrative standpoint.


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