Thor Ragnarok: Part the Beta Ray Bill

Man, Beta Ray is great, but it’s all too serious here. There’s some nonsense as soon as he appears where he just takes everyone out. It’s neat, but then immediately Lady Sif, who’s not dead, starts complaining about Thor ignoring her? In the middle of an apocalypse? Like, this is something that is such a flaw of men writing these stories. It’s designed to make these women seem weak and stupid. It fits into the notion we have of nagging women being selfish. It is hard to imagine that in this perilous time Lady Sif would be concerned about Thor’s longing gaze more than about all of her dead comrades. She even tells the story of the end of the Valkyrie and has less emotion for that than for the idea of Thor ignoring her. It’s thoroughly trash writing and art in combination.

So Beta Ray Bill becomes King of Asgard. Because no one is left. And what? Like. Bill’s my horse and all, but there is nothing that makes sense about Thor abdicating to Bill right now. As soon as Thor leaves we get more stagnant shots of Thor meditating with some stars in the background and a lot of text blocks of bad faux poetry.

We’re saved from that mundanity by the atrociousness of the odinpower being made manifest as a boy ghost. It speaks in the same awful fake New King James speech that plagues all the gods. It cannot choose between “you” and “thou” or “thine.” It switches in and out at random. It’s obvious no research was done on the writers or editors part. They just do what they feel sounds other worldy enough. The bit where Thor pulls out both of his eyes is topped with a bit of ableism. As if being blind was the end of Thor’s life. And then everything odinpower says afterwards is garbage. It quite literally doesn’t make sense. It’ a lot of words around a bad concept. This whole conversation is supposedly leading somewhere, but only god knows where it could go. Can’t wait to be done with this.


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