New Year’s Shelf Clearing

I’m not doing a resolution regarding reading this year. Not hot takes on resolutions, I just don’t personally tend to follow through with year long life changes started on a whim. But what I would like to do is make some minor changes on a smaller scale. So my first goal for now is to actually read (or reread) everything on my bookshelf. I especially want to read my comics. There are books on the shelf I haven’t read in ten to fifteen years. I’m sure my opinions would be entirely different now both positive and negative. I’m definitely leaving the place I’ve lived for the past eight or so years in the next year, so I’m going┬áto have to get rid of a lot of items. It’s amazing how much stuff you accumulate over the better part of a decade. And since I both don’t want to hire a moving company and don’t want to throw my back out moving this stuff has to go.

So I’m just going to go left to right over all of my bookshelves and start clearing up space. This should be fun.