Ragnarok Part the Third

The farther along in this book I get I am coming to realize that I don’t like the color choices here. I think it has to do with the depth of the backgrounds? Quite possibly it’s the shadings. There’s a scene where some elves are in the snow, and an evil ship comes out of the sky to attack them, and it all looks stolid in a way I’m not certain they were going for. I think there’s some glossy paper problems in this assessment, but the arts and colors are just off to me. Also, the statue with the chainmail open shoulder dress is hecka dumb.

Storywise, that Thor is carrying around this baby makes no sense. A warrior king in war has no time for this. I don’t understand the pacing either. It wants to kill all the characters, but doesn’t want to show them dying? Volstag’s wasting away needed to be shown, though? This walk through the woods where we get all these closeups and talk with this child a bunch of garbage. “A bee will always sting when it feels winter’s approach” is by far the dumbest phrase. That’s simply scientifically inaccurate and slanderous towards bees. It’s also trash logic when talking about people (or gods I guess). Yes, bad people are bad, but the idea that someone had no choice but to be bad is dangerous logic. It takes agency away from the evil that loki is doing. Also, these volstag close up shots are awful. This sort of travelogue of sadness that happens here is bad. I know what they’re going for, but it’s not actually good. I’m not spending any of my mental energy thinking of how to do it better, they got paid for this, they could’ve done it better.

Okay, so the book fake kills lady sif twice, actually kills valkrye. Honestly, issue three is a trainwreck and a travesty. You know how awful it is that the cliffhanger appearance of my favorite thor character could not even redeem this book.